[Webinar 19 February 2021] Building the Clean Power Future: Accelerating the Work of Power Sector Professionals in Southeast Asia

This webinar brought together leading national, regional, and international experts for a discussion of opportunities to quickly scale-up Southeast Asia’s capacity to achieve the clean power transition.

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The speakers and other experts will reply to your questions. If you missed the webinar, you can watch a recording below:


What are some of the biggest clean power capacity challenges and opportunities you see in your work?

What gives you hope and optimism that a rapid clean energy transition is possible in Southeast Asia?

If you could have one tool or resource to help you advance your work on clean power, what would you want and why?

Looking forward to acting as moderator for the panel at this event on Friday! And to finding out more about clean energy practitioners’ learning needs in the region, to speed their work. Please send through to me any questions you might have ahead of time, and I’ll do my best to ensure they get answered!


Question from attendee: What can drive distribution utilities in the Philippines to start shifting to smart grids?

Question from attendee: Most ASEAN countries don’t have any form of carbon tax or emissions trading system. Would this help accelerate markets to move to clean energy and how do we encourage governments to adopt either of these policies?

Question from attendee: What will be the next development of solar energy in Vietnam and SEA in the next 3-5 years?

Question from attendee: What are the prospects of a regional grid among ASEAN countries to promote balancing of power to enable integration of renewable energy in the countries power systems?

Question from attendee: What is the role of local governments in the energy transition and how could they be more actively involved?

Question from attendee: The amounts of fossil fuel subsidy in the region are worth more than RE investment; is there any plan for this community to advocate for rationalization of the fossil fuel subsidy?

We can help distribution utilities in the Philippines understand which smart grid technologies may be most cost effective to them, while also supporting reliability and security of their grids. Included within this can be discussions of how smart grids can reduce technical and non technical losses and improve overall resilience of their grids to storms and other natural and man-made events.

Updated, location-specific LCOE for electricity generation technologies disaggregated by sector/system size.

The prospects for a regionally integrated grid seem strong, although we need to continue to work together with power sector partners to help build further understanding of integrated grids in helping to access the best and lowest cost renewable energy sources and improve overall reliability of the grid. This could include sharing lessons from the recent experience in Texas and how ERCOT’s isolated grid resulted in severe power outages/rolling brownouts and extreme cost spikes to some end users.

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