[Webinar 12 March 2021] Transforming the Power Sector: Regulatory Design for Disruptive Technologies

In Southeast Asia, commercial and industrial players, policymakers and individual consumers are increasingly interested in harnessing the benefits of distributed energy resources, but realizing these benefits requires enabling regulatory structures. This webinar looks at how well-designed regulations can increase uptake of DERs, with examples related to distributed photovoltaics, battery energy storage, and electric vehicles.

This webinar was hosted by the SE Asia Edge Hub in partnership with NREL, USAID Clean Power Asia, and Chulalongkorn University.

The webinar includes presentations from the following experts:

• Supawan Saelim, USAID Clean Power Asia
• Sopitsuda Tongsopit, USAID Clean Power Asia
• Weerin Wangjiraniran, ERI
• David Hurlbut, NREL
• Santiago Enriquez, Abt Associates/USAID CEADIR


0:00​ Introduction
3:58​ Overview: Future trends and key drivers with disruptive technologies
5:12​ Overview: Key actions and challenges for growth of disruptive technologies
11:09​ Possible future scenarios and challenges for disruptive technologies in Thailand
19:04​ Diagram: Policy and regulation transformation required along technology and life cycle change
27:07​ Regulatory design examples from the U.S. and implications for Thailand
28:11​ Developing and prioritizing regulatory objectives
31:55​ Utility spending and investment in regulatory policy design
36:02​ Technical and metering configurations
38:17​ Retail tariff design and compensation mechanisms
42:12​ Interconnection standards and codes
44:02​ Approach for Peer-to-Peer electricity market development
48:47​ Electric Vehicles and Tariff Design
1:02:36​ Recommendations for Preparation of a Distributed Energy Resources Roadmap
1:16:05​ Panel Discussion and Q&A