How can I produce the analysis needed to plan for clean power?

Did you know that the Clean Power Hub has an easy to use, interactive guide designed to help you develop and analyze the data you need to plan for more clean power? If you haven’t already, you may wish to explore the Clean Power Hub’s Produce the Analysis Needed to Plan for Clean Power guide.

If you run into any questions while exploring the guide, you can post them here! This includes any questions related to preparing for, coordinating, executing, and communicating the results of a successful grid integration study.

There are lots of tools available to help you produce the analysis you may need!

Check out the Engage tool from NREL - Engage is a highly accessible and flexible web-based energy planning model for rapid multi-sectoral scenario exploration. Its cloud-based shared data model, intuitive interface and visualization capabilities facilitate collaboration and communication among diverse stakeholder groups, teams, and experts modeling systems from district energy / microgrid to national scales.