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Hello everyone, glad to be admitted in the course and look forward for 30thbSept session.

Best regards


Hello Erich.


Hello everyone, Feel glad to be admitted in this course and look forward for first session on 30th Sept.

Best regards

hi Mia good to connect.

Hi everyone,

I am grateful to be admitted in this course. Enjoyed the first session and looking forward for the next one.


Ardian Aby

In Haryana our company has a plan to install ‘behind the meter’ onsite MW scale Solar plant to meet day energy requirement of the hotel building. Haryana state has policy only for net/gross metering and for grid connected plants. Request if someone from the group can suggest what all regulatory approvals are required for onsite ‘behind the meter project’.

hello greetings to all, glad to be accepted in this course :grin:

Hi. Greetings to all.

Grateful to be admitted to this course. Nice to meet you all.


Franklyn Berris

Hi all,

Glad to join this community.

Thank you