Create a Clean Power Hub Community account from an invitation email

If you’ve been invited to join the Clean Power Hub community with a link, here’s how to complete registration.

  1. Open your email and look for an invitation email from Clean Power Hub Community with the subject “cleanpowerhub invited you to join

    • If you don’t see the invitation email in your inbox, check your spam folder
  2. Click the invitation link

  3. Click the Sign in with Clean Power Hub button

  4. At the bottom, click Don’t have an account? Sign up.

  5. Enter your email and password

  6. Click Continue

  7. In the Username field, enter a username. In the Name field, enter your full name

  8. Click Accept Invitation to finish creating your Clean Power Hub Community account.

  9. Open your email and look for an email verification email from with the subject “Verify your email”

  10. Click the Verify Your Account button to confirm your email address