[ACEF 2021 Side Event] "It's Not Just Gas or Storage: Meeting Growing Electricity Demand with Power System Flexibility"

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Thank you for joining this interesting discussion. Post any questions or thoughts for David, Peerapat, Jennifer, Jo Ann and Muhamad below.

In the cross border slide, how does the total system cost look like, including the investment cost of new transmission?

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Thank you for your question, Ananth. We will pose this question to the speakers during the Q&A.

Jo Ann—in the VN case, how important is the role of gas power in providing the flexibility for more RE penetration in addition to hydro?

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Thanks Ananth for the question. In the case with 25% share of wind and solar in 2035, total system cost with new transmission lines (and multilateral trade) are comparable with the case of existing interconnections (with bilateral trade). This also depends on whether externality costs (i.e. carbon costs, health impact) are taken into account or not.


Thanks for the question Ananth. In the RPDP-7 analysis, gas is concentrated in the South region, where VRE resources is abundant. Without other flexibility resources, there is a value from gas generation in providing flexibility to address the variability and uncertainty from VRE in the region. To meet higher VRE penetration, additional flexibility from increased transmission capacity to deliver VRE from south to north and energy storages will play key roles in the future.


Hi. Thanks. What’s the range of carbon costs above which multi lateral trade is definitely a winner?

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Jen. Based on the current ASEAN country profiles, what are the low cost flexibility options that can be implemented now—so no or low regret options?

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